About Us

RHM Commercial LLP is an independent practice of property consultants and Chartered Surveyors established in 2007.

Our core values:

  • Honesty is the cornerstone of our approach to business.  We provide clients with honest expert advice based on experience and knowledge.  Not just what we think they want to hear.

  • Our reputation for providing impartial advice is paramount.  We will never undertake work where a conflict of interest exists or is perceived to exist.

  • We work extremely hard to achieve the very best results for our clients.  But we believe a good work balance is essential.  Staff can work flexible hours and we provide help with childcare.

  • All staff are encouraged to develop their personal skill and excellence, question accepted practice and table ideas for improving the way we operate.

  • We are outward looking, understand the social context in which we work and try to play a positive role in society by undertaking pro-bono work and providing staff with paid time off for voluntary work.

Our structure is deliberately "top heavy" to ensure that every client, no matter how small, gets the personal attention of a partner who is a leading expert in their field.

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